NCS Division II Baseball Playoff Preview

Full Bracket

Campolindo, the four-time defending NCS champions, was named the top seed despite not playing a single game against the Division II playoff field.

The Cougars are usually stacked in the pitching department and it’s no different this season as the staff is allowing less than two runs per game and feature lefty and Cal commit Matt Ladrech.

Campo is also fortunate that the two main contenders, College Park and Clayton Valley Charter, are in the opposite side of the bracket.

College Park and Clayton Valley have had some great battles this month as the Falcons came away with the Diablo Valley championship and both have very good pitching duos.

The Falcons are paced by Joe DeMers and Chris Brown while the Ugly Eagles are led by Austin Cannedy and Gabe Taylor.

Maria Carrillo takes a 21-game winning streak into the postseason and are desperate to prove it can play with the best of the East Bay.

Experienced Marin Catholic is in its second year of Division II after winning the Division IV titles in 2011 and 2012 and the Wildcats have won seven straight games while claiming the Marin County championship.

Elsewhere, the field is deep. Concord has a win over College Park, Livermore held its own in the tough EBAL and is enjoying its best season in seven years, and Washington won the Mission Valley title.

Players to Watch

Matt Esparza, Jr., Alameda

Jaycob Medina, Sr., Arroyo

Levi Noddin, Jr., Arroyo

Denis Karas, Sr., Campolindo

Matt Ladrech, Sr., Campolindo

Spencer Torkelson, Fr., Casa Grande

Austin Cannedy, Sr., Clayton Valley Charter

Grant Meylan, Sr., Clayton Valley Charter

Garrett Nelson, Sr., Clayton Valley Charter

Gabe Taylor, Sr., Clayton Valley Charter

Brandon Truesdell, Sr., Clayton Valley Charter

Chris Brown, Jr., College Park

Joe DeMers, Jr., College Park

Trevor Larnach, Jr., College Park

Willie MacIver, Jr., College Park

Nick Oar, Jr., College Park

Jose Maravillo, Sr., Concord

Wesley Vickers, Jr., Concord

Dominic Foscalina, So., Livermore

D.B. Vidal, Sr., Livermore

Peter Hoge, Sr., Maria Carrillo

Austin Martinez, Sr., Maria Carrillo

Andrew Vaughn, So., Maria Carrillo

Richie Epidendio, Sr., Marin Catholic

Patrick Farney, Sr., Marin Catholic

Bryan Jakiemiec, Jr., Marin Catholic

Matthew Tarantino, Sr., Marin Catholic

Mitchell West, Sr., Montgomery

William Traynor, Jr., Newark Memorial

Ryan Strong, Sr., Northgate

Hunter Williams, Jr., Petaluma

Jacob Call, Sr., Washington

Steven Kwan, Jr., Washington

Zac Wallace, Jr., Washington

First round


No. 13 Northgate (18-6) at No. 4 Maria Carrillo (24-2), 4 p.m.

No. 12 Alameda (12-11-1) at No. 5 Marin Catholic (20-5), 4 p.m.

No. 10 Petaluma (19-7) at No. 7 Livermore (13-11), 4 p.m.

No. 14 Newark Memorial (16-8) at No. 3 Clayton Valley Charter (22-4), 4 p.m.

No. 11 Montgomery (17-7) at No. 6 Concord (13-11), 4 p.m.



No. 16 Casa Grande (15-10) at No. 1 Campolindo (20-4), 4 p.m.

No. 9 Arroyo (19-7) at No. 8 Washington (15-9), 4 p.m.

No. 15 Cardinal Newman (14-10) at No. 2 College Park (23-3), 4 p.m.

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8 Responses to NCS Division II Baseball Playoff Preview

  1. North star says:

    How is east bay baseball looking in D2 now. Quite possibly you have overlooked NBL and SCL baseball ALL SEASON . No worries , you are not the only site to do so. Imagine the journalistic advantage you would have had if you spent ANY time covering them. A current 22 game win streak in that competition deserves some ink. 4 of the NCS D2 elite 8 come from Sonoma county with 3 road wins so far? East bay bias or just lazy, you can’t discount their regular seasons and what they do in the playoffs on the road at these far superior schools still,can you?

    • Pat O'Rourke says:

      What impressive non-league wins did the North Bay accomplish this season to warrant this whiny rant? You are aware that I haven’t ranked Clayton Valley that high this year considering they didn’t have many impressive wins? Would Maria Carrillo deserve a ranking over Clayton Valley when it lost head-to-head and had a major lack of impressive wins? They’re a very good team but should probably play a tougher schedule if it cares about rankings.

      Are you aware the North Bay hasn’t won a NCS Division II title since the new divisions were formed after 2008? Are you aware that the North Bay has had only one semifinalist each of the last four seasons?

      Probably not.

      I’ll keep doing my reporting as I see fit.

      • North star says:

        Why would any North bay team have to travel for” impressive wins”. Because you think there is a geographic hold on better teams elsewhere is proving to be wrong this year. Who is left in the DVL? Your 5 year history of the new section finals format isn’t a representation of today. If you actually watched a game or two this season in the north you would have a better interpretation and balance. Casa lost players the night before the championship game with Campo last year and had starters out most of this, year some returning for the NCS. That gave the #1 vs #16 game some spice and surely could have changed that long history you quoted. You knew that right?

        Probably not.

        With NCS basketball going into march, roster crossovers missed or were not ready for early action unless they were dumped right away (CP). An early March one run loss on the road for Carrillo @CVC means they are held under teams(s) in the DVL in your rankings all season. Get a look at that NCS basketball bracket and see who made runs and who is also doing that in baseball. Shocking, but you knew that.

        Probably not.

        If you want accuracy get off the LAZY-BOY and cover your area. Mining stats from other sites and guessing who will start from your couch when no stats are posted is the way you see fit to report I guess. Stop getting offended when you do get a single comment, keep it about the teams and realize your bias . Its sports THIS YEAR, not any other time or place. But you knew that.


        • Pat O'Rourke says:

          I watch a ton of games and have seen almost all of the top teams play. Plus, I’m able to put my name on everything I write. What about you? One of those internet tough guys who hides behind an alias.

          If you don’t like my rankings or what I write, you don’t have to read it. But, you’re reading me, right? I’m not looking for your opinion but you’re certainly fired up by mine.

          I didn’t rank Carillo behind CV just just because of a March loss. I’ve ranked Carillo where they are because they haven’t played in any tough tournaments and held its own against those top teams. Look at the tourneys that De La Salle, St. Francis, Mitty, and others play in. They play top teams from all over the state. Who from the North Bay is willing to challenge themselves this way?

        • Pat O'Rourke says:

          Do you think that Maria Carrillo should rank below Marin Catholic after its loss today?

          Probably not

  2. North star says:

    So again I’ll start by answering your questions without you admitting your bias to the east bay all season long without ever seeing teams in the north bay which is an area you cover. Marin should be now ranked above Carrillo and where is Marin fool?
    Monty is in the final four, where were they all year in you rankings? That’s right, behind teams from where, who are GONE now. Still alive are Casa and Petaluma who you left out all year also because you didn’t make an effort to see TOP TEAMS in the area you cover. No way around lazy reporting and Carrillo giving up 3 in the 7th to another north bay team in no way justifies your position fool.
    So,be but hurt that you have been called out. Try and deflect attention from your bias “reporting” by making it personal or (trying to prove your knowledge) with stats mined from other sites. Who was the starting pitcher for Carrillo yesterday? Not who you based your weak small paragraph on . You don’t know, don’t get it and based on your comment section in posts from all sports this year may have found the only person reading you.
    This isn’t my job,I have no need (like you) to put my name on anything tough guy! A smart reporter ( sarcastic air quotes) would look at the first post,realize an opportunity to publicize some great things going on with kids in an area he has forgotten about and take some action to do so. That’s your job. Instead you went to the ill continue to report as I see fit card. Nice.
    So to recap, your rankings were wrong. Your information gained by sitting on your couch mining sites for stats was wrong and lazy. Your pathetic attempt to cover this by making this personal was wrong ,lazy and stupid. Your inability to adapt to your reader (singular on purpose) shows your ego and your bias run deep . Being “desperate” to show you can compete is “laughable”. Balanced reporters who seek out good stories and don’t pass one up that falls in their lap or blog get somewhere Pat. They don’t use superlatives to denounce kids accomplishments . The truth hurts huh? There IS a reason you have this big online gig.

    But you probable already knew that !

    • Pat O'Rourke says:

      No surprise that you would continue to be one of those typical, whiny internet commenters who is a coward and can’t put your name on something.

      You think you know who I am and everything I do but you have no clue about what my jobs entail. I rarely write game stories because that’s not my main job. If you think I have such low credibility on my coverage of high school sports, then ask other reporters such as Mitch Stephens, Jimmy Durkin, Stephanie Hammon, and Harold Abend what they think of me and if they respect me. Their opinions and the opinions of readers who don’t whine are more important than a coward who has no life and gets so worked up about high school sports.

      As for my rankings, they must have a ton of merit or why else would you spend so much time whining and reacting to the material. I get out and see as many teams as I can. I watch North Bay teams but, yes, I mostly watch East Bay and WCAL teams. That doesn’t mean I’m not fair to the North Bay.

      Because of baseball playoff results, the North Bay has some reason to gloat this year and I will reflect that in my new rankings. However, it isn’t as simple as a every semifinal team being ranked higher than every team that couldn’t reach the semifinals. In NCS, Montgomery beat two teams that haven’t been in my rankings all year.

      If you’re so smart, why don’t you give me your top 25 or top 10… or are you too much of a coward for that, too?

      Keep whining. I know you’ll keep reading.

  3. North star says:

    Thanks for finally admitting your bias and not covering north bay teams which is your job. Giving a top 10 anything again , your job. Whining,getting worked up , being defensive about what you do,all you son. My premis is north deserved more ink. I’ll post that confident
    because its correct and you now admit that. Continuing to personalize won’t keep your listed parties respect. Your quick response shows you read me. Reflect you next rankings any way you want, you have been exposed and now admit it. Exposed,worked up and proven unprofessional through your comments. If you only knew who I am, I’ll let that keep bothering you so you can have more body in your weak posts. Thanks for reading ME again while stumbling over you previous stance and not being able to justify it or provoke me to find YOU.

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